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Installing OSM or Open Street Map for Garmin

Image The installation of Open Street Map on a Garmin device is not easy. The registry process for the maps is somewhat complicated and I try to give you my experience here how to installation these maps in MapSource. The installation of the Open Street Map maps is a good idea, because they are getting better every day.

At first you download the right map. You can download the map file here:

Wiki - Open Street Map - Computerteddy

After that you download the tool MapSetToolKit . You will use it to bring the map to Mapsource.

The first step is that you have a directory for the downloaded map in the directory C: \ Garmin created. As I have downloaded Germany my new folder is called C: \ garmin \ Germany. In this directory I unzip the downloaded file maps of the FRG. For unpacking i use ZIPGenius. Aftrer that you start the MapSetToolKit and configure it as follows:

1. Set the hook for the option "Install in MapSource.


2. Now push the button "install" and it opens a window


3. File in the name in the box for "registry name" - I will tacke OSM-BRD

4. Simply click at the right of "TDB file" on the field with three points.Now you can select the OSM TDB file that you previously unpacked in C: \ Garmin\ Germany folder. This file has the extension tdb.

5. Now click on the three points at f "Overview map" .Select the file with the same filename as before, but with the Fileending img.

6. Set the hook at"Convert to families"

7. Enter a number between 1 and 65535 In the field "Family ID". If the FID already exists, asks for another number to choose.


8. Click the Install button

9. If the error message "The FID fields and the Product Code do not correspond with the file type ..." , it is essential to click the "Yes" button, so MapSetToolKit the error corrected.

Finished! You can now quit MapSetToolKit and open Garmin MapSource. Now you can choose the OSM Germany map.

Installation information can also be found here:

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